…about myself


Bianca’s writing prompt #3: Compose a detailed description of yourself using only lies

“blue Jean: self portrait”
acrylic on denim: b&w


my hair is burnt straw & breaks

always between my nipple & navel.


these eyes are opaque, flat,

unable to roll or close.


my nose is a removable right angle

I inhale only what I desire.


this mouth—a backslash,

my words cut like daggers.


this body, beneath my half-fingers

is a one-way road, no side street

or bumps or valleys.


I have a tubular neck that’s good for listening.


I am blind.


I have never seen myself.



 Copyright © 2012

worrying the grave

[photo source]


(Rodney M.  Davis & all who protect)



when we were kids

& our fast bodies were stopped

by a sudden chill?

mama used to say

it meant some body (or thing)

was worrying our grave;

how we’d look across the road

at the cemetary

to our family plot

slingshot & marble at the ready.

once it was a deer nibbling,

her fawn sheltered inside the tent

of her stilt legs.

I remember

I loosened my grip on the slingshot

& you chastised me for having a soft heart.

a soft heart…

I wonder what you said

when you saw me:

body stilled, limb-less,

my heart you swore you’d harden—shattered

like glass.

I. am. freezing.

someone is worrying my grave,

is it you?



Copyright © 2012



charcoal & chalk on parcel paper


you own this moment.

your exquisite flesh polished

& on display.

not an eye bashful,

you are glorious in your dance,

butternut hips wading

outside the lines.

in this light

reflecting from your lips,

eyes speak truth:

you are shamelessly

full of yourself.


Copyright © 2012