#FWF prompt from Magic in the Backyard:





my feet grew too steely & sharp to remain above ground; I was always shredding my shoes, staking the earth.  I won’t mention the carnage left in my bed.  so I bob here, among driftwood & dead fish; let your bulky, wet embrace pull me from the severity of land, find a new balance.  I used to know a girl who grew gills from soaking too long in the tub; but I pray for fins.



Copyright © 2012


11 thoughts on “fins

  1. oh my gosh! This is incredible! Reminded me of a short flash film! So visual and the ending line is AWESOME!!!! Thanks for writing for me and FWF! PLEASE come again soon!!! xox

      1. oh lol! well I’m very happy you came out from behind the curtain to write for me =) My FWF writers are brilliant and so very warm and encouraging. Please, visit their blogs and make friends =) Hope to see you around more often.

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