Gathering of Waters



this book totally changed my perception of Emmett Till.  growing up, I was horrified of the picture of his corpse—mangled. bloated.  unrecognizable as human. america’s ugly face on display.  just the mention of his name would remind that monsters do exist. spark fear that this world was still unchanged. my son, not wanted in his own country. Emmett Till was my monster—until this book.  I believe in magic. in waiting. in redemption. & I believe in love.  thank you Ms. McFadden.



“bringing Emmett home”
acrylic on cardstock


(artist/author note: I could not accept Esther had no redeeming quality)




11 thoughts on “Gathering of Waters

  1. The events surrounding Emmett Till’s death are so horrendous. There is a photograph of another awful event in American history. The lynching of a black man. Aside from the image of his murder is the crowd around him. Men and women and children. Posing for the picture. Not hiding. It makes your skin crawl.

  2. The artwork certainly fits. I’m fortunate enough to have met Bernice McFadden in person, and consider her a friend. Combining your work with hers is indeed a full-bodied experience.

    1. thanks Gayle. I had the privilege to meet Ms McFadden this past October at writer’s conference and she graciously autographed this artwork for me. I’ll have to post & share the photo on the blog. she has an amazing spirit & so down to earth

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