love poem for Muse


magic happens in the comments… thanks, Omavi

love poem for muse

15 thoughts on “love poem for Muse

      1. we can dance. this love, this dream as memories frolic
        being moved by song. nothing else matters but words
        as they create and decimate thoughts astray
        sculpted a bright future from the hardest granite
        this love. this poem. the toughest heart softens and opens
        today. the poem lives. the love grows. souls dance.
        as the poem lives everyday

    1. darling. baby. love. these fingers tremble
      be the poem. be words running over filled pages
      something matters but nothing can. pause. the
      tongue becomes the compass to the right. this
      love. it is.
      If this word is so right.
      Nothing else can be wrong.

      1. love. this poem is scars. learning from
        past trials. this poem is knowledge
        gleaned from the past. this love. this word.
        never beaten never broken. this love.
        these words building. love.
        we have travelled so far

      2. love. the outside world calls. &
        I’ve no choice but to vacate
        my dancing shoes. but this poem
        sustains. beneath a weeping sky.
        thunder. this love quakes.
        with each step. I move away.
        from this love. gloriously stained song.

        thank you 😉

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