Inspired | part 1 of 2

so my nawlin’s boo, Charlotte nominated this blog for an Inspiring Blogger Award


I’m honored cause I love me some Charlotte, & though I’m not comfortable with these awards I’m going to play along this time {side eye}  I’m supposed to tell 7 things about myself you don’t already know, but yeah, that ain’t going to happen.  So instead I’m sharing 7 fragments/poem starters that have inspired some writing.  I hope they “inspire” you to write & if they do, please feel free to share 😉


And now for the good part – 15 bloggers that inspire me:

1.  ZouxZoux – like I said. I love me some Charlotte.  one day I’m going back to nawlins.  find her.  sit with her in her back yard.  we’ll be wearing matching leopard pajama pants & red tube tops cause we can be feral like that.  & we’ll sit back to back.  our heads touching. & we’ll paint the sky with our tongues.  & reverse the flow of lake pontchartrain with our voices. but don’t y’all worry.  there will be  proper warning.

2. A.D. Joyce – if I were to write another love poem.  it would be to Adriene.  cause if she lived in macon.  she’d be my next door neighbor.  I’d let her borrow things.  like sugar.  shoes. & recipes.  we’d meet downtown on first fridays.  & sit on the corner & holler at men.  we’d walk to otis’ shrine.  & throw pennies.  & our panties.  baptize ourselves in the muddy ocmulgee river. & sing long into the night.

3. aayoung –  it’s sunday.  & somewhere this woman is writing a poem that will have me rocking.  like my mama does when the preacher is deep in the word.  & the congregation is shouting.  & sister calhoun is catching the holy ghost.  & church fans are waving back & forth. & all of us sinners are saints for a few holy minutes.  do you hear what I’m saying?  this woman’s poems are church.  I’d travel all the way to Kentucky just to hear her say fuck.

4. Coming Out Crooked – I carry duct tape in my pocket for her.  aspirin.  hot water bottle.  anything that I think may soothe her soul.  she’s wounded.  & I’ll give up a lung.  maybe both.  just to get a bit of good news.  her postings are sporadic.  but when she does deliver.  you’ll take inventory of your organs.  you just have to.

5. 1800ukillme –  I had a dream that Sandee came down to lizella.  & there was a backyard bbq.  & a dance off.  adults against children.  & the score was tied.  until Sandee got possessed by james brown.  she hit a split in the grass & came back up on her bare heels.  children won.  & Sandee still got red clay dirt caked on her heels.  true story.

6. insanebloom – Mohana must have large hands.  how else can she deliver such tenderness.  without spilling a word.  there are moments.  & numbered poems instead of names.  there is a voice.  gentle & yet unrelenting.  there is a knowing.  & I am here to siphon it all.

7. earthgirl – who found who?  don’t know.  don’t care.  we are found.  a plains woman.  a southern woman.  both love the open sky.  count the stars.  have lost men.  & discovered them again.  discovered ourselves.  words.  necessary as the hairs on our heads.  we are the lost & found.  Angie’s my earthsong.  my sister.

8. The Mind of Eboni Sade’ – when I read eboni.  I want to be a woman.  loved by a woman.  much like the feeling when I discovered Audre in the public library.  how I memorized “fog report” & wrote love poems to imaginary women. who unlike the imaginary men I married.  did not snip my tethers.  or lead me astray.  women stay.  don’t they?

9. Unbound Boxes Limping Gods – I’ve decided.  in love.  I am Alex.  unwavering.  willing to do all that is possible to save my love.  I only wish I were that strong.  that focused.  Cheryl has created not only a world.  but characters who are so well defined.  I look for them. on the streets of macon.  in my bathroom mirror.

10. Elenacaravela’s Blog – it was the red hair.  like a flame leading me to a door I had closed.  I hadn’t painted or drew in years until I stumbled across that flare.  had no desire to play with fire.  thinking my hands were rotted wood.  so happy I discovered my hands are clay instead.  pliable.  can be anything.

27 thoughts on “Inspired | part 1 of 2

  1. Congratulations Stacy Michelle! Your ‘seven things’ is the most original I’ve seen — I love it! And I am so flattered that I’m on your list! I really appreciate that a lot — especially coming from someone who knows what to do with words!

  2. Can’t wait to check out your blogger list. I was all side eye too when I got the award but it gave me a chance to share some blogger love so…..
    I’ve wanted to be someones Boo since the first time I heard Usher and Alicia sing about it. I’m so excited!

  3. I’ve always wanted to relocate, or did you just put that in my head? 🙂 This post is inspired and inspiring. Everything that is important to know about you comes through loud and clear in your poetry. I love that and I love you. Thanks, Stacy, and congrats on your well-deserved award! ❤

  4. wishing i had a recipe that puts the proper words in the mixer
    wishing i knew how to create enough heat to make the product rise
    wishing people could roll mine around on their tongues as they do yours
    and wishing you would write about me

  5. OH MY! I am so honored to be included in your inspiration post! I have NEVER read such and elegant acceptance of a blog award before. And I’m guessing, I never will again. Brilliant StacyMichelle! If I were ever to write, you and and your work would provide the essential spark. Thank you.

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