inspired | list cont’d

here’s part 2  of bloggers who inspire me.


11. Depth of Lyrics – reading Omavi’s love poems makes me want to be a woman.  who wears maxi dresses.  & sea salt in her hair.  who paints her nails ocean blue.  & sends water to the moon.  a woman who sits her man between her legs.  to shave his head.  Omavi better be glad he doesn’t live in macon.

12. Fictional Machines – I want J.E.’s sight.  dreams.  his memory.  to see a wasteland.  & know it for its beauty.  to change the view of a world you think you’ve already experienced.  to hold its truth in the dark.  & leave the light for the rest to discover.  yeah, it’s like that.

13. The Brokedown Pamphlet – ain’t nothing broken about this.  ‘cept maybe your eyes if you don’t have patience.  or subtleties of being unseen.  & ordinarily extraordinary.  I’m still digging in the archives.  voices I recognize echo back.  human.  painfully human.  but human all the same.  Mark is the shit.

14. RED CITY – as a girl.  us neighborhood kids played kickball in a field that was across the road from a southern bell telephone station.  it was a beige brick building.  surrounded by a barbed fence. we were convinced someone was always watching us.  somehow the balls we kicked over the fence.  ended up back in our field the next day.  Lee’s Night Station series brought those memories back.  scary shit.  but so necessary to experience.

15. Hallidd’s Weblog – I had a dream I woke this way.  some one or thing was eating me inside out.  & all I could do was stand at the window.  & yell with my eyes.  the shutters were closed.  no one heard me.  David’s art is disturbingly beautiful.  he no longer blogs at the weblog, but the archives are worth your every breath.



13 thoughts on “inspired | list cont’d

  1. Wow– Thank you for the extremely kind words, Stacy Michelle! I hope I can live up to the description you have offered here! I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing since first discovering your work [You are actually what I refer to in my thoughts as one of ‘the originals’— Referring to the original short list of artists and writers that I started following during the first few months of sharing work on WordPress, now years ago!]. Thank you for the continued support, it really means a lot! Keep up the great work and enjoy the summer over there!

  2. Thanks so much for including me in this list…and what a wonderful list this is. I love what you have written about each blog. Your poetry always amazes me. Your work is inspirational.

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