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  1. stacy who are you? we follow each others steps. i love your poetry. it’s raw, it’s you. but who is that you? where do you live, what do you do? let’s start a dialogue. write to me foo underscore 1313 at hotmail.com

  2. I’m so glad you stopped past my blog. Your poetry is definitely my cup of tea. It’s so strong and bold, yet it’s still tender. I’m in love with this blog. Keep it up mama!

  3. You have a very beautiful site here! I found you on George Ellington’s blog site! I am loving your work, will follow you for sure 🙂
    The way of your expression is very amazing and different 🙂
    With best wishes,

  4. You flow like a river of inspiration, beautiful. I’m delighted to read you. There is integrity and faith in your words.
    Blessings and love. 🙂

  5. Stacy, this gave me goosebumps and a lump in my throat. I feel it girl. I relate to this so much. It felt like you stole the words from my mouth. I have been…hell, I still am that girl in the mirror. Bravo, sweets…Bravo! ♥

  6. Hello StacyMichelle, Sorry to reach you this way, I couldn’t find your e-mail. Nonetheless, I have been reading your poetry for the last few months and I was wondering if you could share a bit of it on my little online program tonight. If so please feel free to e-mail me: le.nubian@gmail.com

  7. I checked your blog out after seeing your name at “elonia country” (love her work)
    I read several of your poems and was an instant fan! Leo

  8. StacyMichelle,

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! I really enjoy your poetry, and even though I maybe don’t comment as often as I should, I think you’re totally deserving of the honor.
 For more info, check out this page on my blog:


    You don’t have to display the award if you don’t want to. However, whatever you decide, I wanted you to know that I think you do great work!


  9. Hi Stacy, I’m so happy Jana pointed me in your direction. I have strolled through some of your work and am blown away by the words I have read. Love your art also. I look forward to spending more time here and I Follow you now…J

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