inspired | list cont’d

here’s part 2  of bloggers who inspire me.


11. Depth of Lyrics – reading Omavi’s love poems makes me want to be a woman.  who wears maxi dresses.  & sea salt in her hair.  who paints her nails ocean blue.  & sends water to the moon.  a woman who sits her man between her legs.  to shave his head.  Omavi better be glad he doesn’t live in macon.

12. Fictional Machines – I want J.E.’s sight.  dreams.  his memory.  to see a wasteland.  & know it for its beauty.  to change the view of a world you think you’ve already experienced.  to hold its truth in the dark.  & leave the light for the rest to discover.  yeah, it’s like that.

13. The Brokedown Pamphlet – ain’t nothing broken about this.  ‘cept maybe your eyes if you don’t have patience.  or subtleties of being unseen.  & ordinarily extraordinary.  I’m still digging in the archives.  voices I recognize echo back.  human.  painfully human.  but human all the same.  Mark is the shit.

14. RED CITY – as a girl.  us neighborhood kids played kickball in a field that was across the road from a southern bell telephone station.  it was a beige brick building.  surrounded by a barbed fence. we were convinced someone was always watching us.  somehow the balls we kicked over the fence.  ended up back in our field the next day.  Lee’s Night Station series brought those memories back.  scary shit.  but so necessary to experience.

15. Hallidd’s Weblog – I had a dream I woke this way.  some one or thing was eating me inside out.  & all I could do was stand at the window.  & yell with my eyes.  the shutters were closed.  no one heard me.  David’s art is disturbingly beautiful.  he no longer blogs at the weblog, but the archives are worth your every breath.


Inspired | part 1 of 2

so my nawlin’s boo, Charlotte nominated this blog for an Inspiring Blogger Award


I’m honored cause I love me some Charlotte, & though I’m not comfortable with these awards I’m going to play along this time {side eye}  I’m supposed to tell 7 things about myself you don’t already know, but yeah, that ain’t going to happen.  So instead I’m sharing 7 fragments/poem starters that have inspired some writing.  I hope they “inspire” you to write & if they do, please feel free to share 😉


And now for the good part – 15 bloggers that inspire me:

1.  ZouxZoux – like I said. I love me some Charlotte.  one day I’m going back to nawlins.  find her.  sit with her in her back yard.  we’ll be wearing matching leopard pajama pants & red tube tops cause we can be feral like that.  & we’ll sit back to back.  our heads touching. & we’ll paint the sky with our tongues.  & reverse the flow of lake pontchartrain with our voices. but don’t y’all worry.  there will be  proper warning.

2. A.D. Joyce – if I were to write another love poem.  it would be to Adriene.  cause if she lived in macon.  she’d be my next door neighbor.  I’d let her borrow things.  like sugar.  shoes. & recipes.  we’d meet downtown on first fridays.  & sit on the corner & holler at men.  we’d walk to otis’ shrine.  & throw pennies.  & our panties.  baptize ourselves in the muddy ocmulgee river. & sing long into the night.

3. aayoung –  it’s sunday.  & somewhere this woman is writing a poem that will have me rocking.  like my mama does when the preacher is deep in the word.  & the congregation is shouting.  & sister calhoun is catching the holy ghost.  & church fans are waving back & forth. & all of us sinners are saints for a few holy minutes.  do you hear what I’m saying?  this woman’s poems are church.  I’d travel all the way to Kentucky just to hear her say fuck.

4. Coming Out Crooked – I carry duct tape in my pocket for her.  aspirin.  hot water bottle.  anything that I think may soothe her soul.  she’s wounded.  & I’ll give up a lung.  maybe both.  just to get a bit of good news.  her postings are sporadic.  but when she does deliver.  you’ll take inventory of your organs.  you just have to.

5. 1800ukillme –  I had a dream that Sandee came down to lizella.  & there was a backyard bbq.  & a dance off.  adults against children.  & the score was tied.  until Sandee got possessed by james brown.  she hit a split in the grass & came back up on her bare heels.  children won.  & Sandee still got red clay dirt caked on her heels.  true story.

6. insanebloom – Mohana must have large hands.  how else can she deliver such tenderness.  without spilling a word.  there are moments.  & numbered poems instead of names.  there is a voice.  gentle & yet unrelenting.  there is a knowing.  & I am here to siphon it all.

7. earthgirl – who found who?  don’t know.  don’t care.  we are found.  a plains woman.  a southern woman.  both love the open sky.  count the stars.  have lost men.  & discovered them again.  discovered ourselves.  words.  necessary as the hairs on our heads.  we are the lost & found.  Angie’s my earthsong.  my sister.

8. The Mind of Eboni Sade’ – when I read eboni.  I want to be a woman.  loved by a woman.  much like the feeling when I discovered Audre in the public library.  how I memorized “fog report” & wrote love poems to imaginary women. who unlike the imaginary men I married.  did not snip my tethers.  or lead me astray.  women stay.  don’t they?

9. Unbound Boxes Limping Gods – I’ve decided.  in love.  I am Alex.  unwavering.  willing to do all that is possible to save my love.  I only wish I were that strong.  that focused.  Cheryl has created not only a world.  but characters who are so well defined.  I look for them. on the streets of macon.  in my bathroom mirror.

10. Elenacaravela’s Blog – it was the red hair.  like a flame leading me to a door I had closed.  I hadn’t painted or drew in years until I stumbled across that flare.  had no desire to play with fire.  thinking my hands were rotted wood.  so happy I discovered my hands are clay instead.  pliable.  can be anything.

February | March reading list

where have I been? this is my first book by Ms. Hopkinson & certainly will not be my last. her writing is magical, to say the very least. I am purposely reading this one slow.
Sandee is that relative that says what you’re thinking, has no filter & the one the party waits for to get things popping. Her Mean-Spirited tales have had me in stitches. Her sense of humor is honest, quirky & addictive.
Follow her blog & buy her damn book!
this. woman’s. writing …
another WPer
I’ve actually already read this, but the last 2 stories really captivated me.
Follow his blog if you’re looking to self-publish. he has some really good advice.
Songs You Can't Dance To: A Collection of Poetry and Short Fiction by Steven Harz
so I just discovered Steven. read 2 of his poems & decided I liked his writing.
Moonlight Facets and Shattered Daydreams
I have no idea when I bought this or how I found her. but I randomly chose 2 poems & decided I made a good decision. whenever I made it.