AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: StacyMichelle, Poet

thank you Nikki for the spotlight. I really appreciate it

Nikki Skies

Was there any particular reason behind the creation of your chapbook?  If so, what?

This chapbook has been writing itself for a number of years now.  the motivation behind it was to peel back the covering and shine a light on the chasm an absent father can leave in his daughter’s life.  I wanted to display the painful truth & bewilderment, and also acceptance & forgiveness that starts the healing process.

How important is form, such as rhyme and line arrangement? How does form effect the overall art of a poem?
I focused on the arrangement of the lines instead of form for this collection.  I choose my line breaks with words that hopefully snatch the reader’s attention.
How important is the accessibility of a poem?
I know what the poem means to me; a lot of times it is cathartic to get words down, so when something I’ve written…

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I was going to write a post about my wish for 2015. but nah. this fantastic shot by Chris Renney says it all for me. Yaaaaassss!!!

Spartan Eye

Sign of the Times-1110623Image by Christine Renney 2014

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chapbook | dear Georgia. mother is a tornado

the language we speak


so I put together a little chapbook.  if you’d like, you can purchase it here .

reviews are welcome.


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hey you


I stand at a crossroad.
left path is overgrown. dark & barely travelled.
right path I can walk blind-folded & know where I’ll end.
there’s one more. straight ahead. a light. &
a woman. with my eyes. voice. & my sway. she beckons. I don’t know where she’s going.
but I follow.